Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pinch Me, I'm In Beer Heaven

Greetings, dear Readers!

I have mentioned before on this blog that over the years I have increasingly become what one might term as a beer connoisseur. My love for finding a delicious beer or excellent pairing with a meal is only matched, or outrun, by my love of sandwiches.

As some people may know, I've even taken this secondary love home and have become a homebrewer of modest talent.

That being said, when I research my future sandwich stops, any bar or restaurant that makes note of their sizable beer selection usually catches my eye.

Imagine my sheer joy when I found that Tony's Darts Away in Burbank had 40+ beers. ON TAP, and none of them are the big name usuals you'd find at any other bar.

Not only is that impressive, but the beer selection is split into two parts: IPA and not IPA.

For those of you with an interest in beer, you may know of the sizable contribution to the beer world by way of the California IPA. It's a delicious, dry, hoppy type of beer that is found the world round, but is especially delicious when coming from the Golden State.

I started off with a delicious Hangar 24 Orange Wheat and let that work my palate until my sandwich arrived: the pork Hot 'n Spicy sausage.

Honestly, the sausage is one of the best I've ever had. Fresh, spicy, and with a little bit of a pop to it (but no too much as that usually does not sit well with me.) On top of the sausage, piled high, were pickled jalapenos, grilled red peppers with a spicy creole mustard and hot sauce spread around the bun.

As if the sausage itself didn't have a spicy kick, the additions took care of that. I tend to like spicy things though, so it was incredibly delicious, but for those wary of burned taste buds, you may want to avoid this.

The bun itself was fresh and fluffy on the inside and held together until the end, even though that didn't take too long to complete. It was delicious.

For a side, I highly recommend the homemade potato chips with sea salt. Better than what you'd get in a bag anywhere you go.

Tony's Darts Away is definitely one of the gems of the Valley. Not only is the atmosphere enjoyable both inside and out, the beer selection and sandwiches put this place over the top.

I definitely think I've found one of my new favorite hangouts.

Which makes me wonder, Readers: what's your favorite local bar/restaurant in your hometown?

Until next week...

Pork Hot 'N Spicy Sausage Sandwich
**** Stars
1710 W. Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506


  1. Liz and I will definitely have to try this place out when we are out there next.

  2. I was just reading about this place earlier! Awesome!


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