Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Motown Philly, Back Again

Welcome Back, Readers on this day of my 90th post here at The Danger Sandwich. Thank you so much for getting me closer to the century mark!

This week I delve further into the city of Philadelphia on a recent trip back home by trekking out to sample a sandwich at a trendy new eatery there.

Heading down to Kensington I stopped into the swanky Memphis Taproom as the word on the street told me that not only was their beer selection top notch, but their sandwiches would blow my mind.

I like hearing a challenge like that.

Being a beer advocate and homebrewer, as well as an obvious sandwich lover, I could not decide on my sandwich for a few minutes because I kept moving back and forth between the beer and food menus. Both have numerous tasty options available. Having settled on a pint of Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA, I realized that the most desirable sandwich option in front of me was the Porter Braised Brisket.

Now I've come to find that using beer, notably porters, as an additive or a cooking agent is an amazing idea, as I've noted from my visit to Deschutes Brewery in Portland with their Black Butte Porter Burger. So this sandwich obviously was calling out to me and had a lot to live up to.

The porter braised brisket was amazing. It had obviously been marinated and slow-cooked for quite awhile as the tender meat fell apart in my mouth with every bite. Full of flavor, the main portion of this sandwich was top notch, with only one snag: one mouthful I took had a large sum of fat in it.

But not to worry folks, since the brisket had been cooked so well, the fat melted away with a buttery flavor and in a way added to the taste of the sandwich.

Not saying I want a sandwich with a slab of fat in the middle next time.

The brisket was topped with roasted carrots, deliciously melted cheddar cheese and a beer gravy, all combining well to present a delicious brew pub sandwich.

The standard sesame seed roll even held together for the entire meal, which was pretty impressive for a not impressive roll.

So, people of the 215 (and surrounding areas), and visitors alike, I can highly recommend visiting the Memphis Taproom if you are in the area. But you should definitely hurry up and head there before it becomes even more of a local hit. Guy Fieri has featured this spot on his Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives before, and the locals are already in the know about Memphis Taproom.

Don't be the last to check it out.

Until next week...

Porter Braised Brisket
**** Stars
Memphis Taproom
2331 E. Cumberland Street
Philadelphia, PA

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