Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Burgers of Burbank (Part 3)

Welcome back, Readers!

Have you been waiting over the past seven days for this adventure into the Burgers of Burbank to continue?

Well, Part 3 is finally here and it's a good one.

When Bryan and I had originally gone on our sandwiches of Burbank adventure last year, one place we stopped at was Moore's Delicatessen in Burbank, so when we heard their had a delicious burger on their menu as well, it seemed like a good idea to stop there.

Setting down at a table with beers, we waited for the Deli Burger, a fairly straightforward burger with cheddar cheese, pickles and arugula on a toasted sesame bun.

For such a simple burger, this is definitely one to write home about. The cheese was thoroughly melted with the bite of sharp cheddar. The arugula added a bit of fresh flavor, though having been on the burger (possibly on top of the burger while on the grill) it came off a little wilted and hence a lot less crunch than could be expected. Not exactly a negative though as the light green flavor was still there.

The burger patty itself is what's really on display here, which should always be the case. Vibrant meaty flavor permeates the burger, even rising above the sharp cheddar cheese. A hint of smoke and a medium cooked middle with a lightly charred outside made this a top burger so far on our trip.

So it seems that Moore's is more than just a great deli, it looks like they also make a pretty great burger too.

Well that marks the end of this week, but we are far from the end of the Burgers of Burbank tour. Do you have any suggestions for us to add to our list?

I'm curious if anyone knows of a vegan/vegetarian "burger". Let me know if you do.

Until next week...

Deli Burger
**** Stars
Moore's Delicatessen
271 E. Orange Grove Ave.
Burbank, CA

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