Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Burgers of Burbank (Part 2)

Greetings, Readers!

Welcome back for the second of many installments on the Burgers of Burbank. For those of you reading this article first, I am on the hunt for some of the best  burgers in Burbank with writer Bryan Mahoney of The Burbank Leader.

Last week's burger was a bit disappointing, and after we left Alameda Liquor we quickly tried to forget about it with a new offering from a recommended place.

The Cafe Victory is a tiny restaurant we almost drove past twice without noticing because of it being on a quiet stretch of Victory Blvd. South and hidden behind a tree. A very inconspicuous place indeed.

Despite being in a less-traveled part of town, The Cafe Victory was packed. Speaking with the owner Rogel during our meal we found out that a lot of his customers are from his previous restaurant in Burbank and  followed him to his new establishment.

Dedicated patrons? Sounds like the food could be worth the visit.

We ordered two different burgers for this stop: A regular cheeseburger and a Kobe Burger.

I think most people would imagine that the Kobe Burger would be the clear winner over a regular cheeseburger. Surprisingly this was not the case.

The Kobe Burger with its blue cheese, grilled onions, and lettuce was simple and enjoyable but nothing incredibly memorable. The burger's flavor wasn't very strong and easily overpowered by the blue cheese. Not bad, but definitely not a standout on the menu.

The straightforward offering of the Cheeseburger fared significantly better though. The cheddar cheese was melted thoroughly, essentially encasing the savory and thick beef patty. Even with the lettuce and pickles on top, the savory deliciousness of the beef and smoothness of the cheddar shone through and complemented each other thoroughly.

So while the Kobe burger didn't live up to expectation, the Cheeseburger was definitely a nice surprise, and well worth a trip back to The Cafe Victory. Not only the food, but also the great service, and attentiveness by the owner himself, makes this little cafe definitely worth finding in Burbank.

So week two has proven much more promising than the last, but this is still the beginning of the long road to find some of the best burgers in Burbank. For those in the area, please let me know your recommendations, and all of my Readers, let me know what your favorite burger is from your town. You never know when I might make it out to write about it.

Until next week...

Cheeseburger **** Stars
Kobe Burger  *** Stars
The Cafe Victory
1608 Victory Blvd.
Burbank, CA

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