Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Burgers of Burbank (Part 4)

Greetings, Readers!

Recently, while in the pursuit of the best Burgers in Burbank, Bryan (@818NewGuy) and I embarked on our most dangerous leg of the tour.

We tried FIVE different burgers in one day.

Actually FIVE different burgers in about two hours.

But that's another story for another day...well, the next five weeks I should say.

For this week though, I wanted to focus on a restaurant that I have passed by numerous times while living in the area but never actually got around to stopping in until recently: Mo's Fine Food.

While burgers aren't the only thing on their menu, or even the biggest section, it is obvious that this restaurant treats crafting their burgers like an art form.

We selected the Menage a Trois burger, a thick and juicy patty topped with a healthy dose of avocado, Swiss cheese and bacon (the Trois).

From the first bite of this burger, it was evident that it was bound for greatness. The half of an avocado on the top provided a very subtle buttery flavor with an incredibly smooth and creamy texture. The bacon with its smoky flavor was well cooked, but not done to a crisp. The Swiss cheese was thoroughly melted and added its signature smoky flavor. The lettuce on top of all of that added a bit of textural crunch and freshness.

All of that was delicious, and we haven't even discussed the main star of the sandwich: the beef.

A little pink on the inside, this was one of the juiciest and most delicious burgers I've had in quite some time and definitely the best burger thus far on this adventure. The flavor of the certified Angus beef here is stellar and despite the flavorful other ingredients, shines through at the same time as blending well with everything involved in this sandwich.

This was a handmade patty that was crafted with love for the art of burgers and it shows in every aspect of this sandwich. Even an excellent bun was selected for this as it held together easily until the end.

Applause is in order here as Mo's not only rocked with the burger, but also provides a great place to relax and enjoy some food after work. Low key atmosphere and dimmed lighting topped off what was already a great burger outing.

But let's not stop here simply because we've found an excellent example of a burger. There are still so many yet to come.

Until next week, Readers...

Menage a Trois Burger
Mo's Fine Food
4301 Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91505


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