Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Quick Moment of Thanks

Hello, Dear Readers!

I wanted to make only a quick entry this week to reflect on something that came to mind when viewing both my entry count as well as yesterday's occasion.

This entry here is number 98. I never would have thought when I wrote my first post where I laid down my guidelines that I would make it this far.

Not for lack of sandwiches, but mainly I thought I would find myself moving on to another project to write.

Now, while I have written other projects in the meantime, I find myself unable to discontinue writing to you each week. You all, my dear Readers, have continually shown your support either through praise, mention of visiting inspiring eateries, or by suggesting new places for me to review. You've been with me for quite some time, and so from a writer to his readers, I give you my love and gratitude.

Another reason, besides all of the amazing sandwiches, that I have not been able to stop writing is because of the experience of sandwiching. You've all heard me say this in the past about the fun and joy of exploring the local eateries with someone, well that excitement has yet to wane.

Whether it has been friends, family, or my significant other joining me on my journey for The Danger Sandwich, it has been an engaging, enlightening and absolutely enjoyable experience.

So for those who have joined me so far, and for those who may be jumping into this journey a little late, I welcome you and thank you now for your love and support.

Without you, there is no Danger Sandwich.


  1. I love this blog! It always makes me so hungry! LONG LIVE THE DANGER SANDWICH.


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