Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Desert Oasis of Sandwiches

Greetings Dear Readers!

For this week's post, I contemplated not even reviewing the sandwich so as not to give away one of my favorite remote places in Los Angeles county, but realizing that I have a job to do (and that most people won't make the 45 minute trek) I decided it was okay to blab.

I took a trip this past weekend out to Littlerock, CA, a small desert town near Palmdale in LA county.

Littleorck is a very small town with lots of area of open desert straddling route 138, but along this tiny road is an outpost of delicious treats, and excellent sandwiches.

Appearing out of the hot desert sands is Charlie Brown Farms, a general store with a deli counter, a wine tasting room, toys, games, kitsch, locally grown foods, and so many more things it's amazing they all fit it into one building.

Your first time here though, you could probably spend about a half hour trying to decide which sodas you may want to take home (note: a lot of the ones here are made with real can sugar and not corn syrup. dig it.)

The sandwich that I had been craving was the BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich, and I decided that it was time to make the trip out again to enjoy it.

Readers beware though, on a typical day you will wait about a half hour for your food, but it really is worth it.

For this pulled pork sandwich, the fine folks at CBF really love to stack as much of the meat on as possible, which is perfectly fine with me, because the pork is delicious. It's slow roasted until it's so tender that it just falls apart.

You may get a few pieces of pork that are slightly more well done than others, but it's still great. The smoky flavors added from the more well done pieces really stand out and I feel like it makes them even more delicious.

On top of the pork, they pour two healthy doses of barbecue sauce. So much so that the bread really does not hold up to this sandwich. By the time I got to my table, the bread had already soaked up a good portion of the bbq sauces and started to fall apart by the third bite. But this didn't stop me.

Even if I happened to be wearing a pristine white shirt.

I know that I really push the importance of good bread, and I don't want any of you to think I'm retracting my statements on that topic, but in this situation, it really serves its purpose by holding the sandwich together as long as possible before you start to use your fork.

That being said, I wonder if this sandwich would get the five stars if the bread were a better selection.

Regardless, make the drive out to Charlie Brown Farms, preferably before the summer heat as it'll easily kick up to 115 degrees out there, as this sandwich really is worth your time.

Until next week Readers!

**** Stars
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Charlie Brown Farms
8317 Pearblossom Highway
Littlerock, CA 93543


  1. I loved their BBQ when we went while I was out there.


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