Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Hidden Gem

Dearest Readers!

I've learned on this wonderful sandwich journey thus far, that sometimes the best sandwich places are very deceiving in looks.

What I mean is that sometimes, the fancy, five-star restaurant on 5th Avenue is not always the best place to get a delicious sandwich. Sometimes the best place is somewhere you'd walk past until you're told about it.

Visiting downtown LA recently, I was instructed to visit a small deli in the lobby of the Lady Liberty Building at 843 S. Los Angeles Street. A very unassuming lunch counter is a marbled lobby that you wouldn't even notice if you didn't stop to look around.

All of the sandwich options sounded delicious, but after having eaten a bunch of not-so-healthy sandwiches lately, I thought I would go for the healthy turkey option...with the works.

This sandwich had delicious Boar's Head cracked pepper turkey, with onions, lettuce, provolone cheese, tomatoes, banana peppers and cucumbers, mustard and mayo, all on top of a freshly baked baguette.

Wow. The turkey was unbelievably delicious. Probably the best turkey I've had to date. Just fresh and with a great smoky flavor and a slight pepper taste. Delicious.

The baguette had just come out of the over and was so delicious, I could have just eaten that alone and been entirely satisfied. It was a little bit flaky on the outside, but warm and soft on the inside.

The one flavor that took me a few minutes to figure out was the cucumbers. Mixed in with the other vegetables and the two spreads, the flavor wasn't as prominent as cucumbers can be, but mixing in with these other flavors, it provided an entirely new, creamy flavor that worked wonders with this sandwich.

Overall this was an excellent sandwich, and a true delight to find a great deli, though it may be far removed from the majority of Los Angeles. This is definitely a sandwich I will be trying again.

Until next week readers, keep up the good fight, and find that DANGER sandwich!

**** Stars
Peppered Turkey Sandwich
New York Deli
843 S. Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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  1. Since I am currently not eating bread among other things to be healthier, this blog makes me want a sandwich even more :) sounds delicious


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