Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Year of Sandwiches

Greetings readers!

There is much to celebrate this week because it is one year since my journery to find THE DANGER SANDWICH has begun.

It's amazing that something that combined my desire to jumpstart writing again and my intense love for sandwiches, has lasted a year.

I have to thank all of you readers, because without you, this would not be possible.

And so to celebrate this achievement, I headed down to San Diego to watch my favorite baseball team dismantle the Padres.

Oh, and I ate a lot of ballpark food.

The hot dogs, chicken wings, fries, and beer were all excellent, but the true winner came after the Phillies had finished their sweep, and the Flyers sent it to game seven. The true winner was the Hopping Pig Burger at The Hopping Pig in the Gaslamp District.

The burger patty is a mix of ground beef and pork and was stacked with cognac mushrooms, pepper jack cheese, caramelized mushrooms, and roasted bell pepper aioli.

For the patty, all I have to say is wow. I mean seriously. The meat was juicy (I ordered it medium rare), full of flavor, and It truly was an amazing burger patty, and the ground pork adds a great bit of flavor to compliment the beef.

The mushrooms were a bit of a concern going into this sandwich, but I have to say they ended up being amazing. They were cooked perfectly, popping in my mouth when I bit down on them, and with a slightly sweet flavor from the cognac they were cooked in. Definitely a treat. The caramelized onions worked well with the mushrooms and both added a great contrast in flavor to the intense flavor of the burger patties.

The pepper jack cheese was melted thoroughly, and thoroughly delicious on top of the patty, and the roasted bell pepper aioli was another excellent choice in flavor contrast.

All told, the burger patty combined for a delicious experience, and one I would love to partake in again on my next trip to San Diego, and should definitely be on your radar if you ever head there for a nice weekend vacation.

Until next time readers, have a piece of cake and help me celebrate one year of THE DANGER SANDWICH!

The Hopping Pig Burger
**** 1/2 Stars
The Hopping Pig
734 5th Avenue
Sand Diego, CA 92101

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