Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Review #1

The first step into any adventure is always the most difficult.

And so I sat and thought last week, what should be the first sandwich to start my new blog with?

I do know a number of great places in the valley that could keep this blog going for a year without a problem, let alone shops and restaurants in the rest of LA.

No, this first sandwich had to be something that has a place very close to my heart. Something that I know I can easily write about and can promote people to go run out and get themselves this sandwich.

I've decided to write about the cheesesteak.

And not just any old cheesesteak. A sandwich from South Street Steaks in Burbank, CA to be exact.

South Street Steaks in Burbank is owned by two Philadelphia transplant producers who wanted to be able to get a great steak sandwich whenever they wanted, despite being 3000 miles away from home. The inside of the shop is madeup of red brick walls, plasma screens playing any Philadelphia sports on them (or lakers if you feel like asking), and dining tables covered in Inquirer articles of yesteryear.

How can your dining experience get better? Eat a sandwich on an old article about the 1980 Phils defeated the Royals for their first WS title ever, that's how.

The sandwiches are prepared the same way they would be if you had stumbled into Jim's or Geno's or Pat's or Steve's or whatever your neighborhood place is back in Philly. The rolls are 100% true Amoroso, flown out from Philadelphia weekly, lightly baked in an over to give a bit of crisp to the outside while keeping the inside dough warm and fluffy The steaks are chopped finely, and can be fried up alongside green peppers and onions if you choose.

As for cheese. this is where most people separate into two different camps. Wiz or no Wiz?

Personally, I think Cheeze Wiz is the most disgusting thing ever concocted. Even more so than the mankini. You take a packet of "cheese" powder, add water to it, and then you're supposed to top my cheesesteak with it?

Epic Fail.

When I go to South Street Steaks, my typical order is: with cheese (american or provolone), peppers and onions, and to complete the combo, the best fries in the area. I'll sometimes even take a hot pepper mash to top it off instead of ketchup. It's enough to give the sandwich a bit of a spicy kick and add some delicious flavoring to the mix.

For the sandwich itself, I have honestly never tasted a more succulent, and flavorful steak sandwich in my entire existence. Now I know this may seem like a total fabrication for people still living back east, but hear me out. I've tried cheesesteaks in numerous places around the east coast, and all of them were sad knockoffs of the real thing.

But this sandwich is the perfect substitute for being so far from my original neighborhood shop. I've already converted numerous east coast visitors and transplants to the delicious sandwiches here, so they've got to have something going with them.

As for the fries: perfectly golden crispy outsides, with warm fluffy insides, and covered in a spicy seasoning are the perfect match for this delicious sandwich while watching any of the Philadelphia sports teams kick ass on a Sunday afternoon.

As a side note, you can also order tastykakes and water ice here as well.

If you live in Los Angeles, this is seriously a not-to-be-missed stop. You probably know someone from Philadelphia (most likely me), and this person has most likely told you about cheesesteaks ( I have), and if not, you've heard about this marvel of Philadelphian engineering before. This sandwich is definitely worth a shot if you've ever been curious; or if you're a transplant, it's the perfect place to satisfy those cravings for a hot, delicious bit of home.

***** - 5 stars
South Street Steaks
117 North Victory Blvd
Burbank, CA


  1. Throw in soft pretzels and you got a deal! Great stuff, Mr. Sandwich Man

  2. Whoa, there. Five stars on the first review?

    Eh, Im' just kidding. That cheesesteak looks way yum.I've never been to "Jim's or Geno's or Pat's or Steve's or whatever", but South Street looks like a good substitute for the time being. I'll check it outtt when i'm in Burbank.


  3. I agree Sandwich Man 5 stars for sure! Wonderful first review!

  4. As a fellow Philly native, I could not agree with this review more.

  5. so you totally killed my excitement for subway for lunch..such a great review, i'm definately going to have to try this one soon.
    i have a sandwhich sugestion to try, in Echo Park at Masa try the italian beef panini. i only had it one time but i will never forget how unbelievable it was. ive heard there other panini's are also pretty great as well.-Jenna

  6. Way to give a nod to Philly Sandwich Man!


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