Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fever Dreams

Greetings Readers!

Let me first apologize for the late posting this week. I've been on top of my game for almost a year, never missing a beat at the blog, but this week your poor sandwich champion is home, sick.

So while I sit here and sip on soup, I will regale you with the sandwich from this past week.

As you all know, I normally stop at local sandwich shops, and try not to visit chains, mainly because I like the local flavor that these mom and pop shops provide.

This week though I visited Gordon Biersch, a restaurant that is located in a number of cities nationwide. They have their own in-house brewery, and the food is mostly what you would find at your standard alehouse. I like to go here because their hefeweizen has banana undertones to it, and how can you argue with banana beer?

The sandwich that I ordered was the special. Their menu selection is pretty amazing, but this weekly special just jumped out at me: a pepper encrusted, poblano burger.

The bun for the burger was a potato bun, and definitely very good and very fresh, but the problem of it was the enormity of the burger and the condiments inside. After half of the burger was gone, the bun was in serious danger of falling apart. The bun actually held up just fine though, but it did become a little messy towards the end.

The burger itself I ordered medium, but I think I would recommend ordering this medium rare, if you can handle that. While the burger had an excellent taste of pepper and flavorful beef, I think it could have benefited from a slightly less thorough cooking. The meat wasn't burnt, but seemed close enough to it.

The pepper jack cheese was a nice spicy addition to the sandwich, and the cool sliced avocado inside gave a creamy smooth contrast to the rest of the flavors. My favorite part though had to be the sliced poblano pepper. It's a fairly large, mild chile pepper with a mild amount of heat. For this sandwich, the pepper was sliced down the middle and laid on top of the burger.

Overall, this pepper added a nice smoky, slightly spicy flavor that was an excellent addition.

For the side, the burger came with a nice stack of GB's delicious garlic fries. Warning though, these are not for the faint of heart, or for those that are not fans of garlic. Seriously, they pile it on.

If you have a Gordon Biersch establishment in your city, it is definitely worth checking out. Not only are their other sandwiches delicious, but the specials like this poblano burger make it even more worth your while.

Until next week!

Poblano Burger
**** Stars
Gordon Biersch
Locations vary by city

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