Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good or Great?

Welcome Back, Dear Readers!

Have you been good sandwich researchers this week and found your own taste of heaven?

I continued my lifelong journey in search of THE DANGER SANDWICH by finally visiting a local favorite in Silverlake this past weekend. A little place called Good Microbrew and Grill.

It's hard to miss Good as you drive down Sunset Blvd towards Dodger Stadium and Downtown, almost as hard as it is to hear anything bad about the food.

So deciding to do research on their sandwiches, I headed there on a busy Saturday night.

Being a microbrewery, I thought I would pick a beer to drink while deciding on a sandwich to sample. This place has an amazing beer selection. One house brand microbrew that I tried was called Mathilde, and I would come back to Good just to have this beer again, I Highly recommend it. If you like some hard to find beers, you have a second reason to visit.

The selection of sandwiches and burgers at Good will have you second-guessing every decision you make. If you're like me, you'll finalize the decision only when the waiter asks you for your order.

I finally decided on the Pressed Sandwich: a grilled chicken sandwich, with Brie cheese, caramelized onions, and sauteed mushrooms all stuffed into a french roll.

The french roll had a flaky crust on the outside, but the inside wasn't as light and fluffy as I would have expected. The bread wasn't stale, but it didn't seem totally fresh either.

The chicken was excellent. Lightly grilled and incredibly tender on the inside. Every bite of it was juicy and flavorful with the slightest taste of blackened chicken in every bite. Truly the star of this sandwich.

The Brie was deliciously soft and savory and contrasted exceptionally well with the sweet and soft caramelized onions.

The mushrooms were especially impressive. If you've ever tried to sautee mushrooms, you may find that they can quickly overcook and become too soft or mushy. It takes a skillful hand to cook them enough to truly bring out their flavor, and still make them pop when you bite down on them. The Pressed Sandwich accomplishes both.

Overall, I would say this sandwich is definitely worth your time. And from my experience, and that of others, I don't think it would be presumptuous to change the name of Good to Great.

And on that note dear Readers, I ask you: what is the best sandwich you've had lately?

Until next week!

Pressed Sandwich
**** Stars
Good Microbrew and Grill
3725 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026


  1. The best sandwich I had lately, would have been a leftover piece of Chicken tarragon in a roll with sauteed onion and peppers and spicy brown mustard. Having said that, this place sounds fantastic!

  2. Bobby Flay's Dallas burger is top notch.. :)


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