Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Welcome back Dear Readers!

I hope the week since we last met has treated you well.

I know the sandwich gods were looking down on me this week as I've found some excellent entries to tell you about in the weeks to come.

But for now, let's travel back in time to my Jury Duty this month, when I was lucky enough to try a famous restaurant twice in the same week.

This time I tackled the Braised Short Rib sandwich at Gram and Papa's

I've already described in detail the decor of Gram and Papa's in my post two weeks ago (The Verdict Is...Dangerous! 1/12/2011), and this aspect alone makes this an excellent spot to lunch with friends.

But now that I wasn't taking in my surroundings and could solely concentrate on the sandwich at hand, would it still hold up to the gold standard of the Chicken Salad Sandwich?

I mean, we are talking about a Braised Short Rib sandwich here.

Then again, short ribs layered on Cheerios sounds appealing to me. How could we go wrong here?

The thing is that G&P's has another home run on their hands with this sandwich, even for people who aren't as taken in with short ribs as I am.

The ribs themselves are delicious. Tender, slightly smoked, and incredibly juicy, you don't ever want to stop chewing because every bite adds another dose of flavor to the mix.

The ribs are covered in a smoky provolone. It's perfectly melted between the the roughly chopped chunks of meat and adds an excellent flavor contrast to the ribs.

Finishing off this sandwich is a delicious dipped brioche roll. With a lightly glazed and golden exterior, and a fluffy and buttery inside, this bread is an excellent match with the sandwich and just falls apart when you bite into it because it's so soft.

It's rare that I've written about two different sandwiches from the same restaurant but Gram and Papa's deserves it.

As to which is better, The Chicken Salad Sandwich or the Braised Short Ribs Sandwich, I'd say it's close but I'd make the Chicken Salad Sandwich the winner.

But in the end, we're all winners when we get to eat these two DANGERous entries.

Until next week, Readers!

Braised Short Rib Sandwich
**** Stars
Gram and Papa's
227 E. 9th Street
Los Angeles, CA


  1. Amazing. A gem of downtown LA. I recommend pairing that with a Peroni if you can get your hands on it. Hey there is an idea. I should try all of your sandwiches that you recommend and match them to a beer.

  2. i highly recommend that proposition

  3. Short Ribs, there are not enough restaurants out here in the midwest that want to cook those, let alone put them in a sandwich. Sounds highly compelling, though.

  4. Woah, are we talking about a "meat-cheese-bread-only" sandwich here?! Now THAT i can get behind!!


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