Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Challenge To The Throne


We have a challenger stepping into the ring this week.

A sandwich that looks to topple one of the top rated sandwiches here at The Danger Sandwich.

Recently, I had a run in with the South Philly Experience, a food truck that stocks up on Herr's chips, Hank's colas, Tastykakes, and of course a variety of styles of cheesesteaks. But would this mecca of food from my home city be DANGERous enough to top the sandwich styling of South Street Steaks in Burbank?

Continue reading...IF YOU DARE!

To start, the roll is a true, flown in from philadelphia, Amoroso roll. But i have to admit, that something got lost at customs, because these rolls were a bit too doughy, heavy, and a little too chewy.

Definitely not fresh enough for my liking.

The steak is chopped up rib-eye, and it was amazing. I've never had a cheesesteak where the meat itself was so full of flavor. It's just a shame this was the only highpoint of the sandwich.
And that brings me to the cheese.

So i chose the provolone, since cheez wiz is an abomination to man, and boy did they get this essential part of the sandwich so wrong.

Instead of placing the cheese on top, and allowing it to melt down into the sandwich, effectively mixing it, the cheese was placed first on the roll.

Underneath the meat.

And so I was left with delicious steak on top of four slightly warm, but not melted, slices of cheese.

Also, the truck was out of tastykakes too. How'd anyone let that happen?

Overall, the excellently seasoned grilled steak was not enough to make up for the serious shortcomings of the rest of the sandwich. You tried South Philly Experience, you really tried, but it wasn't enough to become top cheesesteak in LA.

Until next time, DANGERites...

** 1/2 Stars
South Philly Experience


  1. I'm embarrassed that a steak of that quality had the Philadelphia name attached to it. Cheese under the steak is a bush league move.

  2. That is just WRONG. Clearly these people did not do their homework when trying to copycat a real cheesesteak.


  4. The Truck was just having a bad day.

    Go today! Go today! with Ryan!




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