Monday, February 2, 2015

This One's For You

Greetings, Readers!

Look, I know it's a bit early for this week's sandwich blog, but that's because this isn't a post about sandwiches.

This is a post about beer.

Now, I'm a craft-beer-drinking, homebrew-loving, beer fanatic, but if you're the type of person who enjoys Budweiser, or Coors, more power to you. If that's your jam, and you enjoy the flavor, fantastic. Drink on, Friend.

I will try to tell you that there are better tasting, more fulfilling beers than the Big 3, but I won't tell you top stop drinking what you like. Macro-Brewing should not be a term with revile, but in some cases embrace. If suddenly your local brewery was produced so that the entire country could enjoy it, but the flavor didn't change, would you suddenly hate it since it was suddenly "Macro"?

Enter, Budweiser's Super Bowl Commercial.

No, the other one. Not the one with the cute puppy, and the crying during such a manly sport like football where dudes in spandex tackle each other in an arena.

At first, I laughed at this spot. It's ballsy. It's very much a "If you don't like, us, well piss off because we've got plenty of people who drink it, and we're happy with who we are" attitude.

Fantastic, Budweiser. Bravo. Own what you are.

But then the commercial degrades into a lot of name-calling and knocking the idea of beer as a craft. One of my favorite parts of this new salvo in beer on beer warring is the fact that Budweiser originally starts off by saying it's not to be dissected, but follows up by telling you about its beechwood aging process.

Wood aging is a pretty craft-brewing thing to do. Something that adds aroma and flavor.

Secondly, for a company that is knocking craft brewing, Budweiser sure doesn't have a problem purchasing stakes in craft brewing companies. Anheuser-Busch InBev currently owns 32% of Red Hook Brewing and Widmer Brewing, and owns majority stakes in breweries such as Redbridge, Goose Island, Kona Brewing, Fordham Brewing, and Old Dominion Brewing either through direct ownership or through the Craft Beer Alliance.

They also just recently purchased a 47.2% stake in Elysian Brewing just over a week ago. Now why would I mention this one separate of the others? at 0:42 into the commercial Budweiser cracks a joke about craft beer drinkers enjoying their Peach Pumpkin Ale.

It just so happens that Elysian Brewing has a beer called Gourdia On My Mind: a peach pumpkin ale. They also have at least three other seasonal pumpkin ales containing other ingredients like Stumptown Coffee.

The short of it though is that, while I had originally applauded Budwesier in the first ten seconds for owning who they are, the fact is that the company has become scared of the competition. Beer drinkers are becoming more educated, knowing that drinking your beer just above freezing temps only serves to block out the poor flavor and aroma.

If Budweiser were truly not afraid of being Macro, they wouldn't find a need to buy up smaller craft brands in order to solidify their position. The fact that they also mock those purchased brands in their commercial shows they know that their position in the market is truly fading.

Until next week...

Or, Wednesday...

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