Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy 4th of July Readers!

Hopefully you will be enjoying numerous barbecued items today in celebration of this fine country's independence!

Continuing in the theme of burgers for this sumptuous summer season, I hit up The Corner Door with Charlene and her family in Culver City (a neighborhood I have no written about at all yet).

This dark little pub on a corner of Washington Blvd. is a great spot for good eats and great craft beers. The taps include a lot of excellent beers including one of my favorites, Green Flash IPA.

The menu may seem kind of small, but its selection of entrees and starters are all to die for. You'd think with only a few options in each course it would be easy to make a decision on what to get, but you would definitely be surprised how many times you will second guess your decision.

Going with the summer theme here at The Danger Sandwich of burgers, I decided on the TCD Burger:  a burger stacked high with a grilled patty, aged cheddar cheese, pickle aioli, roasted tomatoes and arugula on top of a grilled bun.

The patty was slightly charred on the outside, but this flavor, combined with light pink and savory inside of the meat was a powerful flavor combination. The aged cheddar and roasted tomatoes brought out more smoky flavor in the sandwich when combined with the charred outside of the burger patty.

The pickle aioli added some tangy contrast to the smoky flavors and the fresh arugula added some crispy crunch. Overall, the flavors here worked very well together in creating a delicious craft-styled burger.

It was delicious, and definitely worthy of adding to the summer burger canon.

So, Dear Readers, what will you eat on this wonderful Independence Day? What are your favorite BBQ eats?

Until next week...

TCD Burger
**** Stars
The Corner Door
12477 W. Washington Blvd,
Culver City, CA 90066

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