Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Visit With Jersey Mike

Welcome back, dear Readers!

This week I took a little trip to Jersey.

Well, maybe just a place called Jersey Mike's whose cheesesteaks the locals have recommended to me numerous times before.

I figured, maybe I should try it and see if these Angelenos have any idea what they're talking about in the realm of cheesesteak science.

Heading out to Burbank, I arrived at Jersey Mike's and was greeted by something odd insider: A sign that said 'Parking For Dodgers Fans Only'.

Excuse me, but I'm fairly certain a sign like that in New Jersey would like end with your body being disposed of in the Pine Barrens (No idea what that is? Click here).

Despite the sight of this sign, I decided to give this authentic cheesesteak a try, and ordered the Big Kahuna, which has grilled onions and peppers, plus mushrooms, jalapenos and extra cheese.

Now as you Readers know by now, I've had some good experiences with cheesesteaks on the left coast, and I was hoping that this one would deliver, but I was sadly disappointed. While it was good, it wasn't great, and didn't stand out from the pack of contenders. The steak, jalapenos and mushrooms were tasty, for sure, but the problem was the cheese. There was just too much of it that it overpowered most of the flavor.

I did like that they heated the sandwich up and then wrapped it in foil before serving it. It sealed the bread up nicely and kept the insides nice and hot.

Overall though, this sandwich was somewhat of a disappointment. The locals here may like it because it's their only exposure to a true Philadelphia sandwich, but I would highly recommend a number of other places that would better serve your tastebuds.

Until next week Readers...

P.s. - What's on your favorite cheesesteak, and where do you get it from?

The Big Kahuna Cheesesteak
*** Stars
Jersey Mike's (various locations)


  1. I like my cheesesteaks from local pizza shops in philly :) originals...villagios etc. Another good write up and GO PHILS!.... Christine

  2. everyone in rochester thinks that an authentic philly cheesesteak is always made with peppers, mushrooms, and onions. a coworker today actually asked me to describe a "true" cheeseteak.

  3. I'll take it from either a mom and pop pizza shop, or Tony Luke's but I'd love to try Pat and/or Geno's. Considering that I'm going to Philly for a conference in early November, might do both!

  4. Hmmm.. Mr. Swiker. You are a fantastic sandwich reviewer but please stick to BLT and gourmet sandwiches. Please do not review cheesesteaks. You are from Philly but do not think that a real steak needs cheese wiz. Of course a REAL sandwhich needs wiz to be considered a true philly cheese steak!! You probably put lettuce with pepper jack on it right? pah. BTW- the South Philly Experience truck is the best in LA. I know you had one before and disliked it but never wrote about. Try it again please..... thanks- Mario Lebash (the king of Zelda and Pogs)


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