Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bad Ass Burgers Of Brotherly Love

Hello Readers!

How have your holidays been treating you?

Have you been exploring local dispensaries of sandwiches?

While home recently in Philadelphia, I was able to try a few new places that came with high recommendations.

Bobby's Burger Palace is a new burger joint in University City, owned by renowned chef, Bobby Flay.

I have to admit, that the first time I heard of Bobby Flay, I was not a fan. He had just taken on my favorite Iron Chef (Morimoto!), and in celebration at the end of their match, he stood on the countertop of Kitchen Stadium, something that was played up as an insult to the show, and his incredibly talented opponent.

The years passed though and I learned more of Bobby's style through Iron Chef America and Throwdown (definitely worth watching). And so when it came time to visit Bobby's Burger Palace, I was definitely game.

Each Burger is named after a different city, each with its own local style showing through. I decided on the Napa Valley burger since the addition of a goat cheese spread piqued my taste buds.

This burger was delicious. The meat was cooked exactly to my liking. Just as a note for you all dear Readers, medium at BBP is pink throughout. While this really is the best way to enjoy a superior burger, I know some people like their meat not so close to living.

Full of flavor, juicy, tender, and downright beautiful to look at, the meat was perfectly cooked and was so good that I ate this sandwich a lot faster than expected.

The goat cheese spread was akin to the consistency of a sour cream, but ten times as delicious. It still had that pungent dry taste that goat cheese is known for, and was a great addition with the fresh watercress and the heart crunch of the potato chips.

The bun was so soft, golden, and buttery, it practically melted away in my mouth with every bite. This is another reason getting the sandwich "crunchified" by adding chips is a bonus: it adds a different texture and substance to the mix.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was equally as good. A retro cafeteria style restaurant with pea-soup colored walls, and long tables with slide up chairs, it just oozed cool.

You add in a decidedly amazing sandwich, and you have a restaurant that is a can't miss for locals and visitors alike.

Napa Valley Burger (Crunchified)
**** 1/2 Stars
Bobby's Burger Palace
3925 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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  1. Glad I picked a good spot :) and happy you enjoyed it..


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