Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Phast Phood Philly Style

Dear Seekers of Danger,

I must apologize in advance if this week's blog disagrees with your developed and refined palates. It is only because of my quest to search every delicious nook and cranny that I would even consider to review Fast Food on this blog.

Early on, I reviewed the double down, and I have been known to partake in the McRib when it is available locally, but please do not think that suddenly my tastebuds have become crude and uncouth. It is only by tasting everything, that we can fully tell what is good and what is bad.

With that being said, I figured there was one fast food monster burger that I should try, as the commercials for it have called out my name on numerous occasions.

The Carl's Jr. Philly Cheeseburger.

Yes, you've read that correctly.

While I plan to continually review cheesesteaks on this blog in order to find the best one, not only locally but in the world, this was not something I ever expected to hear about, let alone try.

So after seeing the burger shop guys with terrible "Philly" accents discuss this strange amalgam of meat, I saddled up and ordered.

First of all, like all fast food, the sandwich does not look like it does in the commercial. Whereas in the advertisement, the chopped steak meat is piled high atop a juice burger.

When I opened mine, I was surprised to see no steak at all. It wasn't until after I bit into the sandwich that I discovered the cheese formed a pocket on top of the burger, containing copious amounts of meat, fried onions and green peppers.

Out of all of the fast food places, I find Carl's Jr. to have the most flavorful and delicious meat. It's light years beyond most other fast food places. Even the steak here had more flavor than some of my previous cheesesteak experiences.

The onions and peppers though were too mushy. Almost soggy.

The bun, like most fast food places is a standard white bread bun. Nothing special.

I did enjoy the fact that this cheesesteak burger was made with provolone cheese and not the Communist supporting cheese wiz.

Just saying.

Overall, is this worth seeking out?

Like my previous review on the double down. It's neither good, nor bad. If you're at Carl's Jr. and you're interesting in trying out a good fast food sandwich, by all means, go for this one.

If you have to drive any sort of distance to try it (East Coasters can look for a Hardees...if they're still around), then I'd say it might not be worth your time. Try looking for something that is truly DANGERous.

Not just something that your heart finds DANGERous.

** 1/2 Stars
Philly Cheesesteak Burger
Carl's Jr.

and for your enjoyment...


  1. I did enjoy the fact that this cheesesteak burger was made with provolone cheese and not the Communist supporting cheese wiz.

    LOL!!! I also hate cheese wiz and LOVE provolone cheese, so this comment made my day. Great article. I support this quest to find the best cheesesteak and can't wait until the day that you do.

  2. I recently had a cheese steak at this new place in Indianapolis called Firemen's. The vegetables were definitely over done, just like the Carl Jr.'s sandwich, which is a shame, because you figure a sub shop would know to keep the veggies lightly sauteed. Although, I do have to say that the mushrooms which were placed on top of the combination were quite succulent. Eh, not such a good sandwich. Anyway, Hardees does exist, there's several in proximity of my home in Indianapolis. Although, given the need to have a good sandwich, don't go to them too often.

  3. Philly's Best in Glendale. Real Birch beer, Good Steak, Tastey Cakes and Old Bay seasoning for some Crab Fries.


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