Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spain = Delicious

Oh, hello readers.

back for more DANGER?

Recently, Los Angeles Magazine had their annual food issue, and this year they've written an article about the 17 best sandwiches in LA.

And I of course, must try them all.

But have no fear! It may take all of my fortitude to survive this challenge, but I will.


This week's delicious challenge is the Spanish Turkey Sandwich from Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City.

Now, I had always seen this place, seeing as I work very close to it, but had never stopped in. On my first visit there I was very pleased with the ambiance of the place. A very rustic looking shop, lined with wine bottles and soothing music playing. They have regular wine and cheese tastings too! Once you sit down here, you feel right at home.

But, no time for dillydallying! For I have a half hour lunch break, and sandwiches to conquer!

The Spanish Turkey is served on a delicious baked ciabattina roll, which just so happens to be another favorite of mine. Perfectly smooth and golden exterior, with warm and soft insides.

Between those two delicious slices of heaven, there is a Campo de Montelban Cheese (A type of Spanish cheese made from combining cow, sheep, and goat's milk), turkey breast, chopped marcona almonds, roasted sweet red peppers, and aioli sauce.

It seriously was like someone assembled a dream team of foods to fight off the evils of hunger.

The cheese is more similar to a goat's cheese, despite the combination: a little dry, but very creamy.

The turkey breast was roughly chopped, and perfectly cooked. Full of flavor, succulent, and not the least bit dry or overdone. They also pack in a surprising amount into this sandwich, which makes this sandwich very filling.

The roasted sweet red peppers were pretty surprising. I'm a person who loves peppers of all types, and tends to use a lot in cooking, but I never have ever tasted peppers like these. Seriously, their sweet flavor is so powerful, but not so powerful that it's all you taste. The garlic aioli definitely helps in acting as a delicious balance.

The last part of the sandwich was a bit of a surprise. The chopped Marcona almonds added this very subtle nutty flavor to the mix. And as you can see by the photos, they stuff a lot in there. It was something new for this Sandwichologist, but a very welcome addition to the sandwich.

If you couldn't tell yet, dear readers, I loved this sandwich very much. LA Magazine may just be right in naming this sandwich in their top 17, but there's only one way to find out if they're right...


**** stars
Artisan Cheese Gallery
12023 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA


  1. Mmm... that sandwich sounds amazing! I think your next dangerous adventure from the best of list should be the bahn mi (Banh Mi My Tho, 304 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra). Either that or the tongue sandwich!

    -Eric D.

  2. good call eric, i had been looking for a banh mi place since you recommended it. and that one does seem pretty amazing.

  3. Man, this sandwich looks like the sort of thing my grandfather would reminisce about, after they put him on the low fat diet. So the yum...

  4. sounds great!... makes the half hour lunch break much better I am sure :)


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